Jerry Sargeant Book Awards 2023


Healing with Light Frequency


Healing with Light Frequency

The Transformative Power of Star Magic

Expand your consciousness, shift your vibration, and speed up the healing process with Star Magic. Jerry shares practical healing tools with step-by-step illustrations, exercises, and meditations to shift your vibration to a higher level. He discusses holographic blueprints, pineal gland activation, quantum knowledge, parallel realities, and the impact of crystals and sacred geometry. Star Magic offers a key to the ancient power to heal at the deepest levels and find alignment with your soul purpose.

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Jerry Sargeant is the founder of Star Magic Healing. Well-recognized as a powerful healer and an incredible meditation expert. Jerry has trained thousands of souls to heal in more than 40 countries and is building healing centers around the world, built from sacred geometry, to expand the Star Magic mission.