Jamie Vos Love Book Awards 2023


15 Sacred Ceremonies with Ayahuasca


15 Sacred Ceremonies with Ayahuasca

Jamie experienced a spiritual awakening that opened the door to a deeper healing journey. The journey would lead her to explore the world of plant medicine known as Ayahuasca after following a path of addiction, depression, suicide attempts and loss. She has been guided to share her experiences transforming past trauma to an abundant life filled with love. Book written in Journal format directly from ceremony notes. Explores Mediumship. ETs. Angels. Ascended Masters and the likes.

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Jamie Vos Love is an internationally renowned Psychic Medium, Channeler, Activator and Mentor who has appeared in several guest speaking events. A go-to guide for visionary leaders shaping the future, Jamie supports accelerated ascension, uniting Starseeds and activating gifts.