James Redfield 2021

James Redfield 2021
Keynote Speaker
Inspiration Energy and Sychronistic Flow



In an effort to help a world too gripped by corruption, more people are meditating and pursuing Consciousness than ever before… At the same time, the world is benefiting from 100 years of the Human Potential Movement Scholarship that is integrating into human knowledge.

The Key Experience we are discovering is building our “INSPIRATION ENERGY and SYNCHRONISTIC FLOW.” These two inner expansions optimize our self-confidence and unlock our full INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE and life success.

Are you experiencing INSPIRED THOUGHTS about who you are becoming (at any age) and where you want to go in your life?

This is happening everywhere, and we are now learning exactly how to reach our Best Life. Based on the HPM, THE CELESTINE PROPHECY was offered as a map of Consciousness and a view of Humanity’s destined future. And there is a reason this Book is circulating at greater levels NOW! And it has been one of the most read books in the world! And it describes the life we are designed to live!

In this new time, the Insights found in THE CELESTINE PROPHECY are moving into KEY ABILITIES that can now be lived at a higher level. Join the Experience!


Key Discoveries in this Program:


  • Learn the Ability to maintain a Flow of "Mysterious Coincidences” (Synchronicity) and how to discern their MEANING.
  • Utilize the Ability to Align with Karmic Design. (Can be quickly "Proved to Oneself!")
  • Become Able to Resolve any "Control Drama” in your life. (Never let you Energy get lowered by others)
  • Heal your Emotions with the Ability to Experience an "INSPIRED HEART" Connection. (Our true, Higher Emotional State)
  • Discover your innate Ability to discern and actualize your Souls Mission. (It's What Your Life has Prepared you for)
  • Integrate all these Abilities into your own Centered Life Flow. (How to listen to your Intuitive Intelligence)

We now know exactly how the World Works, and how to optimize our Dreams and Contributions. It is designed for our success-- once we become aligned. If you want to increase your Confidence and Inspiration in Life, and enlarge your dream, now is the time to experience this transformative Workshop — designed from the emerging truths of the Human Potential Movement.



James Redfield is the #1 Best Selling Author of the CELESTINE PROPHECY SERIES OF BOOKS, Lecturer, Filmmaker, Therapist, and Writing and Business Consultant. Together the books have spent over three years on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

His awards include the prestigious Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Senate, The Auburn University Humanitarian of the Year Award, and The International New Thought Award. Additionally, James is perennially included in the Watkins List of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. James is currently engaged in a world-wide Celestine Prophecy “Inspiration” Tour.