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Jacqueline Brooke
Free Workshop
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Jacqueline Brooke
Oklahoma's Renowned Medium

Saturday, September 18, 2021 -- 5 pm to 7 pm -- Century C
Jacqueline has transformed the world of Mediumship through her humorous no bullshit approach. Her career began with just jaw dropping validations from departed loved ones, but somehow she felt like people needed more. Over the years her gifts expanded to all levels of spiritual communication - including evidential mediumship, medical intuition, trauma on-site, algorithmic connections, hearing peoples prayers, channeling ancient wisdom. 
All of this combined became a Unified Combination of information that is designed to transform the lives of those she connects with. She may not speak to you directly, but there will always be something to take away from her events. The major algorithmic connections that unite everyone in spirit are the main source of her lectures that are a mixture of all of her gifts combined. She tells it how it is, in order for you to grow and transform and not continue to stay stuck in life. She rarely sugarcoats anything. Her fierce personality & unique form of channeling will have you crying transformational tears one second and laughing your asses off the next. This Transformational approach to Mediumship is definitely worth the experience. 
25 year old Renowned Medium in the State of Oklahoma. I never truly know "how" an event will go since each one is completely different based on the algorithmic connections in the room. However, spirit has never once let a crowd down. I may not necessarily give you what you want, but I will channel exactly what is needed. This is why I have become renowned around the state and well respected for what I do in such a religious state. My people know that I won't bullshit them with the stuff they want to hear, but I will channel what is needed with deep love and faith to help them transform their lives. Watching my clients' lives change in monumental ways brings me so much inner peace knowing that I could use my gifts to make a difference in their life for the better of this world. This work is an honor.