Ismael Perez Book Awards 2023


Our Cosmic Origin


Our Cosmic Origin

Open Your Eyes About Earth's Place n the Multiverse and About a Greater Organization of the Cosmos

In this new and exciting book you'll find out the true history of earth as it connects to the suppressed history of our galaxy in a way where science, philosophy and spirituality finally come together as one. You'll come to understand the true origin of our species.You'll learn about earth's place in the multiverse and about a greater organization of cosmos that is being orchestrated by the multiple councils that exist on every level from the central universe to the local planetary systems. Most importantly, you will have a better understanding of our reality in terms of evidence that is currently being suppressed by a controlled Academia and scientific consensus.

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Ismael Perez is a Cosmic Ambassador that represents an intergalactic alliance— known as “The Covenant of Palador.” It is a cosmic treaty that was initiated by the forces of light in the higher dimensions to protect, and guard the Earth from the Draco forces and the A. I.