Igor Galibov - Workshop 2022, Coming Expo Date, Free Lecture
Igor Galibov 2022
Free Lecture
A Saturday Day Pass is required to attend this lecture
Igor Galibov
Activation of Thyself

Saturday, February 5th | 4:00pm-4:45pm | Room: Century A
I had a sharp awakening in 2004 with a healer who opened my heart in spiritual surgery to change my life. My senses were heightened and my abilities to see and feel into different dimensions shifted my reality in a intense way. This-led me to isolation and connection to higher-self.
Igor Galibov believes that spiritual growth begins with the expansion of Light within the Physical body & he will guide you into the alignment by offering tools for the process, healing and magnetizing your greatest reality. As the frequencies of Light begins integrating & expanding into your physical body by merging of Soul & Spirit. Our thoughts & desires of life change with awareness.