Guru Bhaneshwaranand

 Guru Bhaneshwaranand
Free Workshop
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The Vast Essence of Love

Saturday, February 8th - 8:00pm -9:30pm - Marina

Love is a most natural phenomenon in our lives. At the same time it can be so confusing. There exists hardly an area that is covered in more illusions than when we talk about love. The moment however, we become aware of the inner workings of our relationships, it lifts the amount of happiness we experience for us and our loved ones. Suddenly we are able to understand what has maybe gone wrong for years and can make the changes needed to bring the light in. Illuminate your relationships by experiencing them without illusions and as they really are.

Guru Bhaneshwaranand is a living enlightened master who brings spiritual inspiration, life wisdom and positive transformation to millions. His mission is helping individuals blossom so they can live their most harmonious and blissful relationships. His straightforward approach together with his inexhaustible access to spiritual energy form a breathtaking transformative composition.