General Information

2020 General Information for Exhibitors


Exhibitor Check-In:
Beginning Thursday, February 6th, at 1:00pm


Move In
Those exhibitors unloading at the hotel may only load and unload from private vehicles on the North Drive of the hotel on the following dates and times.

  • Thursday, February 6th at 3:00pm  – 8:00pm
  • Friday, February 7th beginning 8:00am - 12:00noon (We open to the public at 1:00pm and all exhibitors must be completely set up by then.)

Once the vehicle has been unloaded, please relocate your vehicle to our valet or self parking garage so that other exhibitors have the opportunity to unload.

If you have small loads, we recommend that you find self-parking in the underground hotel parking, then use your own rolling cart to bring your items up to your booth, or find a bellman with a bell cart who will be happy to unload your vehicle and bring your items to your booth. (They are not Union, so there is no required fee to use their services. We do, however, recommend that they are given a tip for helping with your products. Thanks!)


Exhibit Hall Hours
- Friday February 7, 1:00pm - 10:00pm
- Saturday February 8, 10:00am – 9:00pm
- Sunday, February 9, 10:00am – 8:00pm


Move Out
- The Show ends at 8pm Sunday, February 9.  Move Out must be completed by midnight.


Your Standard Booth package includes:
- 8’ high back wall drape
- 3’ high side wall drape
- 6’ draped table
- 2 chairs
- 1 wastebasket
- All booths are carpeted with diffuse ceiling lighting throughout.


Your Standard Table package includes:
- 6’ Draped Table
- 2 Chairs
- 1 Wastebasket


At Exhibitor Check-In you will receive 4 Exhibitor Badges for each booth.  You can keep your badge with you for the duration of the Expo or if you want to leave it for another Booth worker to pick up you may turn it in at Exhibitor Check-In.  If someone says they are with your Booth and there are no badges available, they will not be allowed to enter without paying the General Admission Fee for that day.  Alternately you can purchase additional Exhibitor Badges for $20.00 which will allow additional booth personnel access to the exhibit hall.


Hotel Accommodations
Once again. we are offering the discounted rate of $149 (+hotel occupancy tax) if ordered through the Expo website or the Hilton Hotel reservation phone number (1-310-410-4000).  See the Hotel Reservations Link in the Exhibitor Kit. If you need additional assistance, you're welcome to call or email the office. Be sure to mention that you are an Exhibitor.


Additional Decorator Services
Additional decorator services are provided by the hotel.  This includes: electricity, extra tables, chairs, etc.  Please see page named Additional Decorator Services for this information and pre-order form.  If you need these additional services and they are not pre-ordered, the hotel will charge you a much higher rate to provide these once the expo begins.


We have negotiated a discounted flat rate with the hotel. (No in/out privileges).  There is rooftop parking adjacent to the Hilton for RV’s and oversized vehicles.  The Expo does not pay for Exhibitor parking.


Airport Shuttle
A free Hilton shuttle from LAX brings guests to the Hotel from LAX (airport) every 15 minutes.


1)    Freight can be shipped directly to the Hotel for delivery to your Booth.  You MUST fill out and send the Freight Handling Form with the “Credit Card Authorization Form” directly to the Hotel.
2)    You can move in your own freight at the loading dock on the North side of the Hilton.  You may have to wait in line to get a space near the entrance.  Hotel Bell Staff will be available onsite to assist in bringing materials to and from your vehicle.  Recommended gratuity for Bell Staff services is $10 per full cartload.   Bell carts and other hotel equipment are not available for personal use, so please provide your own carts for transporting your product.


Taxes and Permits
The Conscious Life Expo is in full compliance with state and local regulations.  A Business Permit is not required for businesses that operate for less than 7 days in Los Angeles County. Health permits are required for all food handling including packaged and unpackaged samples.  See the Health Department Requirements.  This is very important.  The Health Department will walk the show and stop all exhibitors from distributing food (including samples) who are not in compliance.  Beware !!  You must fill out the Health Department forms and submit them directly to the Expo office or directly to Los Angeles Health Department.


There is 24-hour security in the hotel.  Exhibit Doors to the International, Pacific and Plaza Ballroom are locked one hour after close until one hour before opening.  Mezzanine and Plaza Exhibit areas are public spaces. The Expo is NOT responsible for the security at your Booth.


Booth Signage
We will provide each booth with a pre-printed sign showing booth number only.  You must provide your own signage.  Banners (with grommet holes) are an inexpensive way to identify your booth and look good.  NO handwritten signs will be allowed.


Any questions? Call the Exhibit Manager, Tee Celise, at 310-345-2333

Thank you for Exhibiting at the February 2020 Conscious Life Expo!