Gail Thackray Workshop

Gail Thackray  Workshop
Activate Your Psychic Abilities
Platinum Badges Have VIP Access

Saturday, February 8th - 8:00pm - 9:30pm - Los Angeles A
Total Price: $40.00

$75 VIP (front rows, individual activation from Gail, limited space)

We were all born with the ability to “see” “hear” and “know” things on a psychic level but most of us lose the connection as we grow up. Gail will open your third eye to re-activate your psychic abilities and deepen your intuition to enable you to receive a clear connection with your spirit guides. Vivid psychic ability is a must for those wishing to work as energy healers and for enhanced spiritual growth but being more in-tune helps in all areas of your life including relationships, love and career. Learn to switch on and off, read people in business and in life, and protect yourself from negative psychic attacks. There are three main ways we connect, and Gail will help you determine which method will connect you the fastest and give you the clearest vision. Gail is the author of “Freaky Life Moments: A Medium’s Path to the Psychic World.”  


Gail Thackray is an exceptional medium with a tremendous connection to spirit. Gail “sees” people’s abilities and past-lives and is able to open them up psychically. Author of “Freaky Life Moments; A Medium’s Path to the Psychic world,” Gail teaches people how to get out of their own way and allow clear messages from spirit. Gail leads spiritual journeys around the world, coaching people on developing their intuition. Many report spontaneous abilities and connection with spirit, just from attending Gail’s events.


VIPs will be seated in the front rows and will receive an individual activation from Gail. Platinum badge holders automatically have VIP access included in their pass.


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Post Conference

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