Gail Thackray

Gail Thackray
Keynote Workshop
Mastering The Law of Attraction

Friday, February 7th - 6:00pm - 7:30pm - La Jolla Ballroom

Do you feel stuck in your career, love life, finances? Are you experiencing a difficult life situation, crisis or health issue? We are the sum of our thoughts and feelings, including our doubts and fears that hold you back. Wouldn’t you like to instantly remove these negativities and start living your soul purpose? We will re-set your blueprint to program your reality from a DNA level. Learn to use The Law of Attraction on a subconscious level to draw abundance, success, vitality and true happiness. Once you have learned this simple secret you will be able to easily and quickly overcome life’s obstacles. Gail is the author of “30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance,” and the “Prosperity Classics” series with Napoleon Hill, Ernest Holmes, Florence Scovel Shinn and others. Attendees will receive a free gift. This event is free with expo pass, it is expected to fill, please line up 30 minutes early to ensure a seat.

Gail Thackray was a successful entrepreneur before putting it aside to follow a spiritual path. Ultimately, she came to believe you can have both abundance and mindfulness. She was tested again when she lost everything in a fire. Able to bounce back, Gail attributes this to applying universal manifesting codes. Gail is an incredible intuitive seeing people’s blocks and helping to reprogram their subconscious to draw love, health and abundance. Her book “30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance,” was downloaded from spirit. Gail’s new series “Prosperity Classics” revives the works of famed authors Napoleon Hill, Ernest Holmes, and Florence Scovel Shinn to discover the secrets to real success.

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