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Fia Johansson: Friday

Fia Johansson: Friday
Free Lecture
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Blocking Negative Vibrations

Friday, February 7th – 4pm - 4:45pm – Room: Century D


Let's face it, despite our best efforts, negative energy can be so ingrained within us or around us that it goes unnoticed. Not only is it our responsibility to eliminate the negativity that exists, but we also need to learn how to block the negatives vibes and vibrations that can continue to seep in. Join me in my special seminar to learn specialized techniques to keep the negative vibes out!


Fia Johansson, known as the Persian Medium, the Subconscious Mind Surgeon is a celebrity medium, clinical hypnotherapist, author, and celebrity medium who works closely with law enforcement to help find missing people. Every aspect of her work is fueled by her belief that anyone can achieve their dreams. Throughout her career, she's helped thousands of people pave their paths to success and fullfillment.  Visit Fia Johansson in booth #200 in the International Ballroom.