Expo's Got Talent 2020

Expo's Got Talent 2020
Day Pass is NOT required to attend this event
Expo's Got Talent
10 Finalists Compete for Prizes

Saturday, February 8th – 9pm to 11pm – La Jolla Ballroom


EXPO’S GOT TALENT Saturday Night 9pm to 11pm
La Jolla Ballroom - $10






All ten contestants will receive a Prize Package worth $100!
And the TOP PRIZES are:
1st Place  - $300 CASH!
2nd Place - $200 CASH!
3rd Place - $100 CASH!
Conscious Life Expo is proud to present some of the most unique talent on record who will present some of the best of the rest in the recording arts, comic relief, dance, and who knows - anything goes! You will get a chance to vote on who you think is unique and offers something that truly thrills an audience.
Join the us and our four awesome Judges, and together experience the fun of a talent contest that just might go wild! Will they move to the top or get the Buzzer? Who knows? You get to help decide!
Ten finalists will dance and sing on stage in the 2020 Expo's Got TalentOn Saturday night, right after the Speaker Reception (and with the same ticket). Our ten finalists will perform in front of our esteemed(?) judges and a live audience in the La Jolla Ballroom. With the lighted stage, buzzer, confetti drop and someone who pretends to look like Simon, the 2020 Expo's Got Talent is ready to rock.













Live Semi-Finals Results 2