Exhibitors - Upload your 2021 video!

Let our attendees know you, your products, and your passion! 


You can speak for up to 30 minutes and

we'll include it on our Conscious Life Expo website for all to enjoy!


Here are the guidelines:

  • Your video must include the logo of "Conscious Life Expo 2021". The easiest way to have our logo show up in your video is to:

  • Print out the Conscious Life Expo table banner with our logo. CLICK HERE to print out the Conscious Life Expo table banner. This must be placed on your table or podium when you're giving your talk. It lets the viewers know that your conversation is fresh and has been prepared especially for our 2021 Conference!

  • Your title and content must be relevant to our conference. As you know, we honor most aspects of learning, however, please don't submit content that advocates violence, exclusion, or negativity.

  • All videos will be reviewed for content and quality before uploading to our website.