Exhibit Floorplans

The 2021 Conscious Life Expo
Invites YOU to become a Virtual Exhibitor!




All booths are in the Virtual International Ballroom and include at least one screen, a link to your website, and an overhead banner with your booth name on it. You're welcome to send us a picture of your logo, or a photo of your items, and a link to your website.


We'll send you a link to create your own avatar and you can virtually be in your booth when we open our online exhibit hall on February 19-21, 2021! Attendees will also create their avatar and shop the booths, talk with each other and with vendors and experience the first-ever event of its kind.


Booth sizes are as follows:

Single Screen, plus Side and Overhead Banners: $400




 Three Screens, plus Side and Overhead Banners: $600




Five Screens, plus Side and Overhead Banners: $800




This year, ALL exhibitors will also get an opportunity to present a 5 to 30-minute presentation that will be linked in the virtual world and posted on the Conscious Life Expo website on your own dedicated page! Please CLICK HERE for instructions to submit your videos.



Contact for more info!