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Erai & Kyleigha Beckmann 2023
INFYNIT Possibilities
Sunday February 12th | 7:00pm-7:45pm | Room: Century B

Crypto INFYNIT Possibilities 

Crypto & Infynit Possibilities, Imagine a world where humanity could decide, without big corporate influence or censorship, what it wanted to watch, buy, support, and stand behind or even vote for. A world where media is presented in a way that is not biased, where content behavior is based on 100% consumer-driven algorithms supported by blockchain tech, fully transparent and secure. The possibilities are INFYNIT. Welcome to Infynit & Zadkiel Coin: a Crypto-gamified prosperity economy.

Erai & Kyleigha Beckmann; Husband and Wife Team, Founders of Zadkiel- (ZDKL)-Coin & INFYNIT-tv: a gamified Netflix where the community is empowered through a crypto-gamified prosperity economy. Imagine the INFYNIT possibilities.