Enric Corbera

Enric Corbera
Keynote Workshop
PLEASE NOTE: This Keynote address is in Spanish with simultaneous translation into English
From Suffering to Responsibility: Bioneuroemoción

Saturday, February 23rd – 6:00pm to 7:30pm – La Jolla Ballroom

Most people spend their lives complaining about the injustices, pains, and problems that happen to them. It seems that we are at the expense of what can happen to us at any moment, at mercy of everything that surrounds us. It is normal to feel downcast in such a world; however, we must ask ourselves: are we capable of taking responsibility for what happens to us? Is it possible to change our own environment? And, if so, how can we do it?

There is only one way to change the world: changing oneself. Bioneuroemoción, a methodology created by Enric Corbera, offers a practical guide to achieve it. The true way to wellness and health is to recognize yourself in each relationship, even if it is sometimes unpleasant. The positive and negative things that we perceive in others is actually related to aspects that we hide from our own personality. Assuming this responsibility is the first step to allow understanding and compassion to emerge towards everything that surrounds us, to finally achieve the most important values for our world: health, integration and peace.

Enric Corbera  After devoting more than twenty years to research and training in various disciplines, Enric promotes a holistic view of well-being in a comprehensive and understandable way because he considers that our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs influence our body and environment. Enric is the creator of the Bioneuroemoción method and founder of Enric Corbera Institute, a leading educational organization in scientific, philosophical, and humanistic knowledge about the management of emotions and personal well-being. He has a degree in psychology, is an international lecturer before thousands of attendees, and communicator with millions of online viewings.

In 2013 Corbera was recognized as Ambassador of Peace, a distinction granted by Mil Millennia de Paz and Fundación PEA. Through his books, of great international success, Enric Corbera offers answers for all those people who do not believe in coincidences and want to choose how to live.