Empowered Whole Being Press 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
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Free Lecture 2023
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Empowered Whole Being Press 2023
Author Panel
Sunday February 12th | 1:00pm-1:45pm | Room: Century D

Author Panel

Author Lectures covering these topics: 

Nikola Tesla Channeled by Francesca Thoman, a conscious clairaudient channel since 1990, Francesca has published in New Age magazines and newspapers, and channeled Nikola Tesla at various seminars, as well as published five fascinating volumes of Nikola Tesla's channeled wisdom. 


Raising Quantum Children presented by Michael Orwig, an international speaker and author with an MA in Hypnotherapy. Michael has studied and taught esoteric wisdom for more than 20 years, applying his knowledge and research to understanding the new children through their soul's path. His two books offer a wealth of support and resource for raising Quantum Children. 


Living in Authentic Presence is the powerful message presented by author, David Steele. Poet, writer, and life coach, David has studied and taught a wide variety of interpersonal communication skills over the last 30 years. His book, Radical Authenticity, highlights the importance of Compassion within one's personal growth journey. 


Quantum Life Transformation presented by Candace Stuart-Findlay. Based upon Candace's exploration of Quantum Biology and Quantum Physics in relationship to Metaphysics and spirituality, guiding her to develop the Spiritual Transformation Simplified™ ~ The Six Fundamentals for Life Mastery guidebook and program.


Empowered Whole Being Press is dedicated to the expansion of spiritual evolution by providing publishing, distributing and marketing services to spiritually-focused consciousness expanding authors.