Emery Smith Post Conference

Emery Smith Post Conference
Post Conference
Extraterrestrial Communication and New Insider Interview

Monday, February 10th – 2:00pm - 4:30pm – Room: Los Angeles B

Emery will discuss his understanding of the physics behind ET communication and why the government suppresses ET contact. He will recount the experiences when utilizing his own contact methods. From his first encounters as a young boy to working for the military and corporate facilities, to the contact work he does today, Emery will take you on a journey of how communication with these beings has been vital to his success throughout his life, and he will identify some of the ways you can recognize potential communication in your own day to day life. Additionally, Emery will be welcoming special guest Randy Veitenheiner to join him in covering topics ranging from artificial intelligence, genetic enhancement, DNA manipulation and human potential as Emery introduces his former colleague of over 20 years to the audience for the first time!

Emery Smith is a US Air Force veteran with a long history of assignments in highly classified, deep-black covert operations.  Emery’s “moon lighting” job at both Sandia and Los Alamos National facilities led to him being directly involved in lab work and 3000 tissue samples of extra-terrestrials. Smith eventually worked at facilities all over the world, due to the varying surgical experience and intense knowledge of biologics and genetics he acquired. Additionally, he has personally witnessed multiple crashed UFOs in possession of the military and has studied their composition and operational characteristics.

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