Dr. Sarah Larsen 2022 - Conscious Life Expo
Dr. Sarah Larsen 2022
Free Lecture
A Sunday Day Pass is Required to attend this Lecture.
Dr. Sarah Larsen Lecture

Sunday February 6, 2022 - 12:00pm-12:45pm Room:Century D

The Big Story!

In the Palm of your Hands


You have a big promise in your palms and in your lineage - Consider Moses without the teachings of his childhood in Egypt; would he have been able to fulfill the prophecy?- Queen Ester had her integrity, love, and beauty - and her lineage….Both accomplished something that we still celebrate every year!  Your genetics, your palms have the context of a vision, of promises for you in the near and distant future.   Discover the big secrets in your palms and in your lineage Let your palm be your teacher -Let clear guidance break you through to the energy you want to be producing! 

A 45 minute multisensory experience Aluna, & Royal Taj with Dr Sarah Larsen


Sarah Larsen MD is Known for Retreats, Initiations and Activations at sacred sites around the world, Dr. Sarah Retired as a Medical Doctor to truly work with Subtle Energy. She has had multiple Near Death Experiences, Miracles in her life, and “Oneness,” experiences. Dr. Sarah has joyfully dedicated her life to help you Ascend, Manifest your Heart’s Desire, Become Healthy plus extend your Life and your Influence!  https://drsarahlarsen.com/



Aluna Lua: Celestial Priestess
Multidimensional Artist, Ceremonialist, Entheogenic Guide & Teacher and Designer.
Human Design: Generator 
Sun Sign: Libra








Royal Taj: Multimedia Alchemist
Audio & Video Engineer, Music Artist Producer, Raw Vegan Fusion Chef
Human Design: Manifestor
Sun Sign: Cancer