Dr. Sandra Rose Michael 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Sandra Rose Michael 2023
Keynote Workshop 2023
A Sunday Day Pass is Required to attend this Workshop.
Dr. Sandra Rose Michael 2023
Upleveling Technology
Sunday, February 12th, 2023 | 4:00pm-5:30pm | Room: The Rabbit Hole
$45.00 In Advance $55.00 At the Door

Upleveling Technology To Transmute The Agenda

The revolution of healing is here with an advancement beyond MedBed technology. The failure of modern medicine has been catastrophic as more disease plagues humanity than any other time in history. With this bleak outlook in place, the future of medicine has been unfathomable - until now. We are on the brink of regeneration from the inside out through applying technology that combines Quantum Physics and Genetic Amplification, allowing humanity to bio-hack their way to optimum health. Nothing can stop what is coming, because we are the unified presence that heals the world!

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael has taught holistic health for over four decades and invented the first effective “Scalar Healing Light Chamber” in 1978Her lifelong, award-winning work in Applied Integrative Biophysics has earned prestigious recognition worldwide. She has been invited to lecture at the United Nations, MIT, the World Health Summit, the Harvard Club, London’s Royal Society of Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical School, the Scalar Research Experts Conference, as well as numerous other medical schools and Ministries of Health. Knighted for her humanitarian service, Dame Dr. Michael’s Bio-Scalar EESystem Technology has been broadcasted widely on radio and television and received its own highlight within the full-length film titled “The Grand Self”.  Lear more about Dr. Michael here: drsandrarosemichael.com