Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe
Free Lecture 2023
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Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe 2023
Essential Reality Healing
Sunday February 12th | 6:00pm-6:45pm | Room: Century A

Essential Reality Healing

The holy practices of Sufi Islamic Spiritual healing lead to the discovery of the Essential Reality where all healing emanates from. Walking the path of Sufism opens your heart to experience the Divine Love that can heal everything. You’ll learn what the Essential Reality is and how to walk through the magnificent worlds of your heart to get there. Take your chance to receive healing through these worlds to reach the deepest part of your being.



Murshid Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD, is a Sufi Guide, Spiritual healer and master teacher of over 30 years, and the author of God’s Way: Su Spiritual Healing.

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