Over the past 20 years, the Conscious Life Expo has been offering transformational programming for the conscious community in the Los Angeles area and around the world.  We believe that our life-changing and progressive programming should be easily available to everyone, and we have stood by this commitment by keeping entrance fees low and offering affordable speaker programs.


This commitment to bring live events to the conscious community has been particularly challenging during two years of Covid. Rather than shut down, we leaned in to our mission by adding new virtual and in-person events.


Now, as the world opens back up, we look more than ever to our local and worldwide community to help keep the spirit of transformation alive, as we engage the conscious universe with new ideas and give a voice to new inspirational speakers. Now is the time to make a difference!


Please make a 501c3 tax-deductible donation of any amount so we can continue to offer low prices to the community, bring important speakers to our events, develop additional community programs, and more! Fill out this form to make a donation that supports our work. Partner with us. Make a donation today!