Divination Panel

Divination Panel
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Touching the Spirit

Friday, February 7th – 5:00pm - 7:00pm – Plaza Ballroom

Fortune telling, divining, prophecy, soothsaying, clairvoyance, second sight, magic, sorcery, witchcraft, and spell working have been a part of human culture from the very beginning of our inhabiting the earth. We seek guidance for our relationships; we try to communicate with our beloveds; we inquire about the state of the world we find ourselves in. We all have the gift of divination built into our DNA but some of us - our panelists, for example - have developed this skill to such a degree that they can be of service to others. Join our esteemed panelists as we divine the future, develop insight into our lives and explore the future of the world.


tracey-ash-websized-div-panel1.jpgTracey Ash, moderator, trained in The Mystic Arts and Spiritual Warfare. As Co-Founders of Ancient Intelligence Mystery School & Avatars of The Earth Gathering we travel the world aiding healing and creating conscious events on positive




Kathy Davidson, a Divine Channel and Healer offers insight into the Divine, Christ and Nature Codex.  Her experiences with Angelic and Rarified Angelic Realms as well as light beings and UFOs unravel Universal disclosure.




lai-ubberud-300-panel.jpgLai Ubberud, author & Houston Press award-winning psychic, comes from a long line of European Psychics. She is in the Glamour Hall of Fame. She is a Medium, Psychic, Animal Communicator, and Radio/TV personality. Lai the European Psychic was the Award Winner for "Best Psychic of 2005" and "Best Pet Psychic of 2007" from the Houston Press. Member of the American Association of Psychics.



Dawn Lynn is a fourth generation medium with over ten years experience as a professional medium and teacher. Having met with thousands of individuals from all over the world, Dawn Lynn knows that everyone is intuitive and she is passionate about normalizing mediumship. To achieve this goal, she travels the country providing inspirational and educational lectures, creates content for her YouTube channel and blog, and is a published author.


 karyn-reece-300.jpgKaryn Reece is a sought-after international Psychic Medium whose media profile is replete with top name TV & Radio appearances including TLC, A&E, Biography, Discovery Channel, CW, and many other media outlets. What sets Karyn apart from those in her field is her ability to provide very detailed information such as names, numbers, dates, and times.




Fia Johansson known as Persian Medium is a celebrity medium and psychic, hypnotherapist healer and author. Known for accuracy of her readings, work with law enforcement in finding missing people, and her great motivational power to transform minds and change client's focus, she has helped numerous people to confront their inner limitations and demons whether in personal or professional life to achieve greater self-control for more abundant life and destiny of greatness.


 leslie-anne-web2.jpgLeslie Anne is an extraordinarily gifted and passionate psychic, medium, healer, empath, and channel with a strong and clear connection to spirit, making her a uniquely    approachable communicator. Leslie received her Psychic Medium certification from the Intuitive Way in Northern California and The James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts. “Your Experience is my Privilege!"




International Mystic and Vedic Astrologer, Nikita Yonce, hails from the infamous mystical mecca of St. Petersburg, Russia.  She holds a Masters of Psychology and has given thousands of Astrological readings and personal coaching sessions resulting in hundreds of healing events.  She offers an eye opening look at one’s own character and the depths of others that are in relationship with you.  Helping you understand your personal astrology, how it affects you, those around you, and your destiny is her calling and gift.  In love and service you may always contact her through her website: