Dina Saalisi WS 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Dina Saalisi
Free Workshop 2023
A Sunday Day Pass is Required to Attend this Paid Workshop
Dina Saalisi WS 2023
Transform Fear
Sunday February 12th | 10:00am - 11:30am | Room: Plaza 2

Transform Fear with Flower Remedies

Join Dina Saalisi as she guides participants through an immersive workshop on how to transform the energy of fear.

In this 90-minute workshop students will:

  • Recognize different ways fear arises, both acutely and chronically.

  • Gain understanding of how to shift the physical sensations related to fear.

  • Experience guided inner-dialogue meditation.

  • Explore awareness questions and journaling to deepen the healing experience.

  • Learn about specific flower remedies that correlate to fear, and how to use them.

There will be a chance to win a healing session with Dina via Zoom, or a signed copy of her oracle deck: Listening to Flowers.


Dina Saalisi is a healer, author and educator with skills as a National-Board Health & Wellness Coach, master Flower Therapy practitioner and hypnotherapist. She is the author of "Listening to Flowers," "Find Your Animal," and "The Art of Flower Therapy."



Book Awards Nominee