Debra Giusti and Meg Benedicte

Debra Giusti and Meg Benedicte
A Day Pass is required to attend this Workshop
Ascension Training Workshop
for 2020 -Year of Acceleration

Sunday, February 9th – 8:00pm - 9:30pm – Los Angeles A

Comprehensive Discussion with Ascension Activation featuring Meg Benedicte and John Burgos, hosted by Debra Giusti


Signs point to the years 2020-2021 as offering the most opportunities that have been available in the personal Ascension process during these transformative times. People are awakening to a rapid, spiritually embodied evolution that shows up in many ways, such as major shifts in their personal lives, deep core healing, new intuitive abilities, as well as personal alchemical transformation. Topics include:


  • Raising your energetic frequency
  • Developing Psychic Abilities
  • Healing Ascension Flu symptoms
  • Accelerating DNA Evolution and Activations
  • Healing Core Wounds
  • Activating your Light Body and Merkaba
  • Understanding 3D and 5D operating systems
  • Connecting with your Higher Self
  • And much more…


The workshop will end with an “Ascension Activation” so you can experience first-hand the Ascension frequencies, as well as build personal connection with your soul.

Quantum Healer, Alchemist, Ascension Activator and Creator of Quantum Access®Meg Benedicte, teaches her ascension modality to individuals, in Certified Practitioner Academy, to international audiences in Webinars and Global Meditations.  Visit Meg Benedicte in booth #842 in the Pacific Ballroom.





john-burgos.jpgJohn Burgos, mystic, social entrepreneur and host of Beyond The Ordinary Show. Widely known as a leader in the human potential field, he is a sought-after speaker who thrives when collaborating with emerging and provocative spiritual leaders to bring light to the shared power of the awakened collective consciousness.






debraguisti-300-2.jpgDebra Giusti, an Ascension Researcher & Experiencer, has for the last 40 years, provided leading edge resources nationally and globally, of the ever-emerging New Paradigm. She was the founder and producer of the Harmony Festival, which took place from 1978 – 2011, in Santa Rosa, CA, attracting over 30,000 participants, and now produces Debra Recommends, Harmony Connects, and Transformation Paradigm websites and eNewsletter’s, serving over 150,000+ subscribers.





Monday Post Conference Advanced Acension Training