Deborah King 2021 - Conscious Life Expo

Deborah King 2021

Deborah King 2021
Keynote Speaker
How to Protect Your Energy Field in Trying Times


Join Deborah King, New York Times bestselling author, spiritual teacher, and master of the world’s greatest healing traditions, to expand and strengthen your personal energy field. Learn how to construct a protective shield that withstands the rigors of modern day life; take part in an exercise that transmutes darkness into light. You’ll also have the chance to step up to the next level of spirituality in one of the many initiations into the realms beyond this plane that happen in Deborah’s workshops!
“I have seen people stand in line for hours just to get a moment with Deborah King. People just love her and her healing work.”
Louise L. Hay, the New York Times best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life
“Deborah King is a guide for all seekers of higher truth who are destined to fulfill their purpose of helping others by first healing themselves.”
Neale Donald Walsch, the New York Times best-selling author of Conversations with God 
“Deborah King reminds us that we’re born with nature’s most powerful instrument of healing—the gift to be able to sense and direct subtle energy through our bodies.”
— Gregg Braden, the New York Times best-selling author of The Divine Matrix and Fractal Time
Deborah King
New York Times best-selling author and spiritual teacher
Heal * Thrive * Grow Thursdays  at 5:00pm Eastern
Deborah will be joined by three of her grad students:
melinda-malone-300x400-62820.1573771330.jpgMelinda Malone, Surviving and Thriving
Melinda Malone shares her harrowing journey through an advanced breast cancer diagnosis. Her struggle through treatment and recovery takes you from fear to hope to joy. Her story is proof for all of us that healing anything is possible, and is riveting testimony to the power of truth, love and faith.
Melinda Malone is an author, sought-after speaker, energy medicine practitioner, and grad teacher at the Deborah King Center. Her inspirational memoir, Off My Chest, promises to be a bestseller.

lisavanderkay-47265.1579489175.jpgLisa Vander Kaay, Plant Medicine for Challenging Times

Lisa had a spiritual awakening that came from dealing with a pituitary tumor and Lyme disease. Join Lisa on her journey of self-discovery and share in her profound relationship with plant allies. Learn how you can incorporate herbal medicine into your daily life.

Lisa uses energy medicine, herbs, and astrology to help others heal. A certified Health Coach, she is a teacher at the Deborah King Center as well as a research analyst in corporate America. 

Mary Bowers, Why Wine?  Meditate Instead

Join musician, public speaker, and activist, Mary Casey Bowers, as she shares how music guided her from a childhood of trauma and suppressed emotions to a life of purpose. Entertaining and interactive, Mary demonstrates the myriad ways that sound and song provide tremendous health benefits, release suppressed emotions, and raise our vibration.

Musician, popular speaker, sound healer, and grad teacher at the Deborah King Center, Mary Casey Bowers turned addiction into a life of meaning and purpose with music - showing that you too can create change in yourself and others.  For more info,