Dawn Lynn

 Dawn Lynn
Free Workshop
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Enhance Your Connection to Spirit

Sunday, February 9th - 12:00pm - 1:30pm - Room: Newport B

A sacred partnership exists between you and the universe. Some dedicate themselves to strengthening this union. If this is you, you know the quest, while perhaps the most rewarding journey of your life, brings a great deal of responsibility as you strive every day to be the best you possible as the work can be both mentally and physically exhausting. In this workshop, Dawn Lynn will share 8 techniques to assist you in strengthening your connection with the universe and avoid burnout.

Speaker, author and medium, Dawn Lynn has touched thousands through inspirational lectures, one-onone sessions and her books. A fourth generation medium, she considers herself lucky to have a
supportive family. Committed to normalizing intuition, she feels honored to support individuals on their spiritual journey. For more information, go to