Dannion Brinkley Sept 2021



Dannion will be presenting two talks at the 2021 Expo




Workshop: What Dying Teaches You About Living:  Friday, September 17, 2021 (4:00 pm - 5:30 pm)

Having survived four brushes with death and spending more than 40 years as a hospice volunteer, with more than 35 years in VA hospitals across America, Dannion Brinkley is an expert in the dying process. He knows about before, during, after, and coming back. Dannion was struck twice by lightning and has since survived heart failure, two open-heart surgeries, five ruptured subdural hematomas, brain surgery, and a massive grand mal seizure.

An expert in living, and dying, today he will discuss “10 Things You Need to Know Before You Go!”

What Dannion experienced in that first lightning strike radically changed his life from a bully to a hospice and nursing home volunteer. He is the founder, CEO, and chairman of the board of the Twilight Brigade, one of the largest independent end-of-life care communities operating within the VA system and hospice facilities throughout the country. Dannion is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has been at the bedside of more than 2,000 people going from this world to the next, and more than 348 people as they were taking their last breath, accruing more than 33,000 hours at the bedside.



Themed Segment: Beyond the Psychic Body: Saturday, September 18, 2021 (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)

NDEs and the Light

Dannion Brinkley is not a stranger to dying. After three near-death experiences, Dannion had first-hand experiences with life before and after death. His perspectives have helped thousands of people understand from his point of view, there is no such thing as death. Dannion will explain if we live our lives with full awareness that we have a psychic body, it can alleviate needless suffering and allow us to live our lives with compassion and love.




Dannion Brinkley is an international New York Times best-selling author of Secrets of the Light, Saved by the Light, and At Peace in the Light.  He is loved and respected worldwide for his inspirational lectures on the near-death experience, palliative and hospice care, complementary and alternative healing practices, and self-awareness.  Since 1977, Dannion has worked diligently, looking for the best ways to integrate energetic, conventional, and complementary therapies in modern-day health protocols.