Dame Sandra Biskind 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Dame Sandra Biskind
Free Lecture 2023
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Dame Sandra Biskind 2023
Stem Cell Quantum Healing
Saturday February 11th | 11:00am11:45am | Room: Century B

Stem Cell Quantum Healing

Healing By The Speed of Thought and Light
1.) Changes in your DNA while getting neutral to unconscious programs.

2.) Changes in your blood using a new healing technology that activates copper peptide to lengthen telomeres and reverse age stem cell production.

3.) Reduced pain levels while neutralizing emotional trauma

4.) Begin Reverse Aging 4,000 of your genes to a younger, stronger, healthier state.

Come prepared to transform on a cellular level

Dame Sandra Biskind shares 40 years of spiritual mediumship and award winning business wisdom in her totally transformational, experiential talks. Jack Caneld says, "Run don't walk to one of her events!"