Dr. Linda Backman Post Conference

Dr.  Linda Backman Post Conference
Post Conference
Soul Origin & Past Lives: Evolving with Purpose

Monday, February 10th - 5:00pm - 7:30pm – Room: Century D

How does your soul origin show up in your life today? How is past life karma revealed in your relationships, emotions and your body? Your soul has an overriding purpose and a plan for the life you’re living now. Through soul evolution, lifetime to lifetime, you gain wisdom on Earth and in the Interplanetary realm. Some souls carry wisdom from the Angelic Realm as well. Learn how you can balance karma by combining your pre-planned life intention with free will, as psychologist Dr. Linda Backman reveals how details of your purposeful life today connect to past lives. Soul Regression, with our conscious-intuitive awareness, reveals the specific elements of your past lives. Dr. Backman will share insightful and provocative examples of client Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression revelations that unveil the reasons why you have incarnated on Earth at this pivotal time.

  • What does soul origin mean and why does it matter?
  • How does karma surface in your current relationships, physical issues, emotions, and abilities?
  • What is an Earth-Based (EB) Soul?
  • What is an Interplanetary (IP) Soul?
  • What is an Angelic Realm (AR) Soul?
  • What are the gifts and challenges of EB’s, IP’s, and AR’s?
  • How is your Life Purpose determined and how do you work together with other souls?
  • How does your soul’s evolution and purpose in this time relate to Humanity’s Evolution?

Featured on Dr. Oz, Gaia TV, Coast to Coast AM & The Shift Network, Dr. Linda Backman is an expert regression therapist and psychologist with over 40 years of private practice experience, including 25+ years guiding Soul Regressions. Linda has assisted many people who have had traumatic and transformative experiences. Linda’s latest book is Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives. She is also the author of Bringing Your Soul to Light and The Evolving Soul. Linda established the RavenHeart Center & Training Institute in Boulder, Colorado in 1997 and teaches regularly worldwide.