David Christopher Lewis: Saturday

David Christopher Lewis: Saturday
Free Lecture
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Moving Beyond Simple Meditation to Mindful Emanation Through Deep Stillness

Saturday, February 8th -- 11am - 11:45am -- Room: Century B


Learn how we can progress beyond simple meditation to a profound state of divine beingness through deep stillness to engage in a higher Buddhic practice of Mindful Emanation known as Heartstreaming.  This is key to resolving karmic issues and in helping to bring in the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius now!

David Christopher Lewis, mystic, author and composer, is a spokesperson for the ascended masters, sharing their practical, progressive revelations for Self-realization. He is the co-founder of The Hearts Center, Meru University, and Paradise Permaculture.  Visit David Christopher Lewis in booth #306 in the International Ballroom.