David Christopher Lewis Monday

David Christopher Lewis Monday
Post Conference
Buddhic Mindfulness and Heart-Centered Living
for Westerners

Monday, February 10 - 11:00am - 1:30pm - Century B

Explore the Buddhic practice of bodhicitta and an ancient sacred Buddhic teaching by Shantideva called the Bodhisattva Vision. Learn how to resolve karma quickly using accelerated techniques such as Ho'oponopono, radical forgiveness, and the violet laser light combined with mystical Tibetan practices that bring loving joy into play every day and every hour. David will go into these topics in-depth with time for interaction with participants and Q&A. Each workshop attendee will receive booklets outlining practices that will help you to continue on the Path of Oneness and the ascension. The Buddhas Maitreya and Manjushri sponsor this workshop!

 David Christopher Lewis, mystic, author and composer, is a spokesperson for the ascended masters, sharing their practical, progressive revelations for Self-realization. He is the co-founder of The Hearts Center, Meru University, and Paradise Permaculture


Please visit the Hearts Center Booth in the International Ballroom.