Alexa Person

Alexa Person
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Dear Ascension: You’re Not Difficult

Saturday, February 8th - 12:00pm -1:30pm - Marina


Are you struggling to make sense of ascension? The problem with ascension is that exploring it can be hyper-abstract at best and terrifying at worst. But it shouldn’t be such a challenging obstacle course. Join Alexa Person, Alchemist, for a simplified approach to unraveling the deeply complex issue of human ascension. Alexa invites you to redefine what ascension looks like through the deconstructed the lens of an extrasensory and lifelong conactee. Garner the gifts of practical tools and grounded insights that Alexa brings forth from behind the veil. This workshop includes: "Divine Matrix Fire"; "Diamond Activation"; and “Interdimensional Healing” Sessions.

Alexa Person is a Texas-based author, lecturer, and extrasensory with pre-incarnate memory. Alexa is the author of The Zero Point book series and host of The Zero Point and Close Encounters shows on The Divine Matrix Channel. Alexa's work highlights her earthly, and not so earthly, catalytic journey into spirit from her perspective as a lifelong experiencer. Connect: