Jimmy Church

Jimmy Church
Panel Moderator
Moderator: Jimmy Church host of ‘Fade to Black’ on the Game Changer Network, one of the highest rated paranormal radio shows on the internet. He is also a frequent guest host on ‘Coast to Coast AM’.

Jimmy Will Be Moderating

The Ancient Secrets Panel - Uncovering Our True History

Ancient Secrets Panel

TV stars and experts from ‘Ancient Aliens’, ‘America Unearthed’, and Ancient Civilization researchers team up

to share and discuss their astounding discoveries.

They all agree that History, as we have been taught, is wrong!

Join us to hear the evidence, explore ancient high technology, geological mysteries, lost cities, ancient astronauts, intriguing symbology, our cosmic origins, and the enormous cover-up of our true past. Our most exciting Panel yet in disclosing the hidden secrets of humanity's history!