Clarice Chan: Saturday

Clarice Chan: Saturday
Free Lecture
A Saturday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
The Tao of Tarot

Saturday, February 8th -- 1pm - 1:45pm -- Room: Century B

Discover how having a Tarot session and help you find answers at this workshop!  

When an individual consults the Tarot, it describes the events and qualities of the present. A professional Tarot session, therefore, can be encouraging, inspiring and good for the self-esteem simply because it focuses on you and your needs. Certainly, I claim no “one time fix all magical solution” to your life challenges. It is simply an effective way to give you insights and clarity that will help you in making decisions by offering suggestions and looking at a possible outcome.

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Clarice Chan is an International Master of Feng Shui, Tarot and Numerology. Discovering that she is able to read the Tarot awakened her to the metaphysical world over 30 years ago when she got her first Tarot deck, The Mythic Tarot, and it became a powerful tool for helping others.  Visit Clarice Chan in booth #455 in the International Ballroom.