Clarice Chan Book Awards 2023


Master Clarice Chan's Guide to 2023


Master Clarice Chan's Guide to 2023:

Yin Water Rabbit Year

Master Clarice Chan’s Guide to 2023 explores deeper into the customs and traditions surrounding Lunar New Year, so you can get the most out of 2023. Discover how the “elements” of the year can benefit you, which New Year traditions should be observed, zodiac predictions for success in all areas of your life and how to use the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui to enhance your living and working environment.

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Clarice Chan is an intuitive Feng Shui Master with many gifts. Her natural ability to sense energy has led her ahead of many practitioners in the metaphysical field. She has established a strong client base in Singapore as well as countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia and the USA.