Cher Jolyne Lowery - Workshop 2022, Coming Expo Date, Free Lecture
Cher Jolyne Lowery 2022
Free Lecture
A Sunday Day Pass is required to attend this lecture
Cher Jolyne Lowery
Activating The Divine Genome

Sunday, February 6th | 3:00pm-3:45pm | Room: Century C
A MASTERMIND in iNNER-STANDING THE QUANTUM YOU! We'll be diving deep into various concepts around Multidimensionality & coming together for a "Timeline Hopping Experiment" Come curious as the soul scientist that you are! Healing is play, expect to expect miracles. Get ready to reclaim your #SOULGOLD power, spiritual vitality, and soul gifts. (( which only YOU can do))
Cher Jolyne is the founder of Daughters of RA, Shamanic Fitness & GLOW UP!!! a Youth Program. In her body of work, she summarizes herself as a "metaphysical midwife" holding space for others to birth themselves into their highest timeline, connected to their purpose & th riving in sharing their gifts.