Cher Jolyne Lowery 2021 - Conscious Life Expo
Cher Jolyne Lowery 2021
Free Lecture
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Cher Jolyne
Accessing the Divine Genome

Sunday, September 19, 2021 -- 1pm - 1:45pm -- Room: Century A
We will come together to activate the divine genome through utilizing fierce prayer as a highly sophisticated technology. Get ready to dive deep into the exploration of the "ingredients" needed to create a multidimensional prayer portal! We will explore ancient breathing techniques, sound frequency, and rainbow prana technologies that work to open us to infinite possibility and the miraculous.
Cher Jolyne is a 'Metaphysical Midwife', Quantum Touch Healer, and founder of Daughters of RA and Shamanic Fitness. Her mission and passion is creating containers for others to rebirth themselves and step more fully into their unique Magick and Power in service to the whole.