Friday Day Pass required to attend this event

Opening Ceremony

 Friday, February 10 -- 1:00pm - 2:00pm -- Los Angeles Ballroom

Strargate Activation


Experience the 2023 Conscious Life Expo beginning with the Stargate Portal Initiation Ceremony.

Step into a world of limitless possibility through an activated, multidimensional Stargate Portal. When activated, the Stargate’s sacred geometrical structure accelerates energy and opens an interdimensional portal to connect us with angels, ascended masters, star families, nature spirits and other benevolent galactic beings.

We will then take a few moments to invite the great and benevolent celestial beings to our event. They want to be here, to celebrate with us, participate in this transformative experience. Set your Expo intentions. Collectively, we will release and let go of that which limits us as we open our Hearts to Spirit and activate the sacred parts of our DNA.

At the end of the Portal activation, the Twin Ray will lead us in a special heart-opening meditation, certain to transform your world.


Reawaken and recalibrate your personal and collective crystalline consciousness as we plant and nurture seeds of a new galactic reality.

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