Cathy Gabrielsen – Nattasha Bogdanova – Melinda Malone

Cathy Gabrielsen   –  Nattasha Bogdanova  –  Melinda Malone
Free Workshop
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All About Healing

Saturday, Feb 23rd – 4:00pm - 5:30pm – Newport B

cathy-gabriellson-300.jpgCathy Gabrielsen   –   4:00pm -4:30pm   –   Healing the Healer
Healers are lightworkers, called to Earth to serve humanity, but they, too, often need healing. Serving others on behalf of Spirit requires an enormous amount of energy that can easily be depleted, especially if you are not practicing self-care. Discover the importance of a healthy and safe healing space within and around you, and learn how to keep clear, open, and receptive to the messages of Spirit for others and for yourself.

Cathy Gabrielsen is a speaker, writer, and Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King LifeForce Energy Healing© Center. She founded Cuddle My Kids (a 501c3) to provide free support services to families with cancer.





natasha-bognavova.jpgNattasha Bogdanova   –    4:30pm  –  5:00pm   –   A Call to Spiritual Action!
What is the connection between “being spiritual” and helping to heal the world of suffering? What is your level of personal responsibility as a spiritual person? Does it necessitate becoming an activist on today’s issues? Regardless of cultural, educational, and financial differences, we all have two things in common: we all suffer, and we all have the potential to help relieve the pain of others. Heed the call of healing!
Nattasha Bogdanova combines expertise as a business and planning analyst with healing, energy medicine and holistic health counseling. She is a Graduate Teacher in the Deborah King LifeForce Energy Healing Program© and an ordained interfaith minister. She shares knowledge and inspiration in workshops through storytelling and guided meditation.

mindy-malone-300.jpgMelinda Malone 5:00pm    –    5:30pm - 6:00pm   –   The Healing Power of Truth
Melinda’s life changed forever when advanced breast cancer threatened to rob her of life and the young family she loved. She embarked on a quest to reclaim her health, well-being, and connection to Source. As she struggled through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, her inner journey filled with mystery, mysticism, and hope. Her story is proof that anything is possible, and is a riveting testimony to the power of truth, love, and faith.
Melinda Malone is an inspirational speaker and energy healing practitioner, available for private and group healing sessions. She is a Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King LifeForce Program© as well as an up-and-coming author, soon completing her first book.