Catharina Jansma

Catharina Jansma
Free Lecture
A Friday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
5G Protection and PTSD Alleviation

Friday, February 7th – 3pm - 3:45pm – Room: Century A


Remedies for EMF pollution. By placing Zervana holograms on all corners of the room. It creates a safe space where harmful frequencies cannot enter. It produces healthy frequencies that not only protect, but energizes you. We also offer Theragem. This gem light therapy can work toward PTSD alleviation.  Patients treated with this crystal light therapy can achieve relief from anger and sorrow.


Catharina Jansma is the CEO of With 15 years of research, she has developed cutting edge products addressing environmental stress and internal stress. These problems degrade one's health deeply. Cutting Edge products such as Zirvana and Theragem can address these issues.  Visit Catharina Jansma in booth P21 in the Plaza Ballroom.