Camilla Rees and Jerry Day

Camilla Rees and Jerry Day
Free Lecture
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5G: Learn the Truth

Sunday, February 9th -- 8pm - 8:45pm -- Room: Century A

5G antennas are rolling out too close to our homes, schools and businesses. The wireless industry has not proven their safety.  Thousands of scientific studies by independent scientists the world over show exposure to wireless radiation causes acute and long-term biological harm.  Our physical health and cognitive capacities are at great risk. Learn the truth and ways to protect yourself!

Camilla Rees, MBA is an award-winning activist on health effects of wireless technologies and a policy advisor, National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy.




Jerry Day of, Emmy-winning TV Producer/Host, nationally known activist for EMF issues and utility meter hazards and harm. "Minivanjack" on YouTube.