Britt Lynn - Workshop 2022, Coming Expo Date, Free Lecture
Britt Lynn LaBouff Friday

A Friday Day Pass is required to attend this Free Workshop
Britt Lynn: Map + Transform the InnerSelf Landscape
Friday, September 17, 2021 -- 6pm - 7:30pm -- Room: Newport B
We all know the Rumi quote 'You have the answer to all your questions', but have we cultivated the artform of asking quality questions that provide life-changing insights across varied 'life arenas'? In this lecture, Britt Lynn shares her 7-step process that invites those thirsting to experience their own Vibrant Awakening.
Britt Lynn is an Energetic Cartographer and Personal Transformation Coach whose method to aligned embodiment is rooted in Svadhyaya (Self-study), Self-Knowledge System maps, and resonant ritual. Now, it's time to share the methods that have exalted her expression.