Britt Lynn + Hanna Lena 2022 - Conscious Life Expo
Britt Lynn + Hanna Lena 2022
Free Workshop
A Friday Day Pass is required to attend this Free Workshop
Britt Lynn + Hanna Lena
Cultivating Sacred Sisterhood

Friday, February 4th | 6:00pm-7:30pm | Room: Marina

Sacred Sisterhood has the ability to bless our lives immensely, initiating us into deeper friendship and emotional intimacy. 

In this workshop Sacred Sister Podcast Hosts Britt Lynn + Hanna Lena provide stories, tools and games to bring you and your Sister(s) closer together than ever before. We'll explore how to move through challenges and use stumbling blocks as stepping stones to grow the relationship on a deeper level and rise high together. Bring a notebook and pen, and if possible your astrological natal chart (nd yours on Invite your Sacred Sister (or leave with a new one) 

Your Sacred Sister Podcast Hosts: Britt Lynn is an Energetic Cartographer + Personal Transformation Coach, guiding seekers toward True North Embodiment by mapping Self-system energy. 

Hanna Lena Christensen is an Astrologer, Rebirth Coach and Sourceress, guiding souls to channel from Source, astral travel and birth their dreams into reality with less stress and more flow. She is the author of the Moon Magick Manifestation Planner, the Moon Magick Integration Journal as well as the soon to be published Astral Travel Logbook.