Brian Bolen

Brian Bolen
Free Lecture
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The Illuminati Music-Industrial-Complex

Friday, February 7th -- 8pm - 8:45pm -- Room: Century A


Explore the Occult Origins of the Illuminati Music-Industrial-Complex with Brian Bolen as he takes you through a history of The Occult, and how modern day Social Engineering make up the belief system of The New World Order agenda; and its influence on Music Artists through our history.  Topics covered include Music Artists and The Occult, Aleister Crowley, and Secret Societies.


Brian Bolen is a Los Angeles based Songwriter, Music Producer, and Author; with over 15 years of experience in the Music Industry. In 2009, Bolen had a series of UFO contact and Missing Time. Since then, Bolen has devoted himself to the Truth movement, researching UFO's, and The Occult.  Visit Brian Bolen in booth #835 in the Pacific Ballroom.