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Benton Ryer
Free Workshop
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Benton Ryer
Personal Energy Shield

Friday, February 4th | 8:00pm-9:30pm | Room: Newport B
Personal Energy Shields and the Chains of Perception
Benton Ryer is an author and powerful healer who at a young age discovered that he had extrasensory abilities. A year and a half ago, he decided to offer his services to the public, amazingly, by doing remote healings of both the spiritual and physical body through Instagram for free to help advance humanity. He has posted 100s of testimonials from the people he has healed and helped and has now chosen to go further by educating the public in regards to the metaphysical and unseen worlds. Through this 90 minute workshop, Benton will be teaching participants how to shield themselves from unwanted energies and parasites. Members from the audience will be given the chance to participate in a free healing, held personally and privately by Benton. He will also be signing copies of his book, "The Shores of Eternity: A Memoir of Sorcery." Not to be missed!