Barry Littleton

Barry Littleton
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Extraterrestrial Contact: A Frame of Reference

Sunday, February 9th – 2:00pm to 3:30pm – Room: Los Angeles A


Barry will share several modalities of contact with ETs, especially as they pertain to his lifelong direct personal experiences. He will give detailed descriptions of his encounters with Non-Humans from both childhood and adult years, along with the remarkable information they relayed to him. These experiences led him to a lifetime of research and exploration into the metaphysical and paranormal fields. Barry will also explore several aspects of UFO ship construction and extra-terrestrial technologies, as they were conveyed to him during these encounters.

Barry Littleton was born with fragmented past-life memories and had paranormal experiences from a very young age. He is a survivor of a tragic car accident and a life changing Near Death Experience (NDE). He is a graduate in psychology, sociology and Ethnic Studies from Wichita State University. For the last 22 years he has worked with At Risk Youth and Juvenile Offenders by utilizing the Cognitive Behavioural Approach.