Athena Bahri Book Awards 2023


Raise Your Vibes!


Raise Your Vibes!

Raise Your Vibes! is all about empowering you to live a better, happier, and healthier life. Giving you the gift of Reiki energy with tools and rituals that are easy and fun anyone, anywhere can do. It has a focus on some of life’s more common struggles- from grief, anxiety, heartache, physical pain, issues of self-worth/love, healing from trauma, connecting with loved ones, and ending that negative self-talk so you can take your power back.

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Athena Bahri is the author of award-winning book Raise Your Vibes!, Raise Your Vibes Crystal Cards, host of Raise Your Vibes TV on Amazon, and founder of Crystal Reiki Healer. She is a certied Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Chakra Healer, Distance Reiki Specialist, worldwide teacher, wellness and spiritual mentor.