Apolla Asteria

Apolla Asteria
Free Lecture
A Friday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
Solutions For Humanity

Friday, February 7th -- 6pm - 6:45pm -- Room: Century D


This workshop is a very visual representation of a future we can collectively manifest as a human race.  The world is not falling apart, the veil of worldwide corruption is lifting, and the results are potentially and exponentially incredible. This lecture will go over the many solutions we have from suppressed technologies to homeless integration programs, circular communities and vertical gardens. The Future is Brighter Than You Think.

Apolla Asteria has been considered by herself and many others to be a pioneer in the Human Consciousness Shift movement. With a background deeply rooted in esoteric studies, metaphysics, community service, Exopolitics, Forbidden Archaeology, Quantum Touch energy healing, art, and music; Apolla’s life path takes on many roles. These currently include; Actor, Musician, Model, Artist, UFO Conference Speaker, and Activist.  Visit Apolla Asteria in booth #701 in the Pacific Ballroom.