Andrew Batty

Andrew Batty
Free Lecture
A Sunday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
Water Smacker

Sunday, February 9th - 7pm - 7:45pm – Room: Century C


Introducing the WATER SMACKER. Micro-cluster, ionize and 100% negatively charge your drinking water.  Andrew will explain how we capture the aether into your drinking water. How Nikola Tesla's Non-Hertzian energy works. How it erases the memory of the water The Water Smacker helps take out vulnerable plaque. The natural Schumann Frequency 7.5hz of the Earth is entrained into the water.

Andrew is the owner of Hydrogen Garage (fuel from water) who manufactures the Water Smacker. 12 years in business, educating the world about water as the cleanest, safest, most powerful gas on the planet, no carbon in the formula.  Visit Andrew Batty in booth #P23 in the Plaza Ballroom.